Wine is a natural product. The best way to the vineyard and the vine to keep healthy is to work together with nature. In order to work well you need to respect each other. No poison spray against weeds but hand away. What no harm can just leave. Many plants contribute just to a healthy soil. Because these plants remain there requires less fertilization itself. For substances or additional needs exist great natural fertilizer. Grapevines have a stronger natural defenses if they are not protective are pesticides against insects.

By working in this way become wine returned to its oospronkelijke form. A natural product which the expression of climate, soil and grape become a harmonious whole.

Wijn van Daan

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  • Openingstijden: woensdag 13.00 tot 18.00 uur. donderdag t/m zaterdag van 10.00 tot 18.00 uur. Andere tijden op afspraak.
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