You can pay with iDEAL. In an iDEAL payment, you will be automatically directed to your own internet banking environment after you confirm your order. However, your payment ready. You fill in to complete the payment if the missing data. The amount is directly debited from your account. After completing your payment you will be directed back to the Daan-site Wine. Only when you return and confirmation on the screen completes the payment and your order is processed.


You can also contact us postpay. After ordering and receipt of the wines we'll send you an invoice by email. So you only pay when you receive your order.

In some cases it is not possible to pay on account. In these cases, we ask you for a deposit.


You can pay by credit card. We accept both Visa and MasterCard. Select at the checkout for credit card (Visa / MasterCard) as payment. You will see a pop-up screen of our payserverprovider. This body handles our electronic payments. You provide the requested information, then returns to the shop and your payment was successful! This payment we charge 2.25% of the order amount.